Seasonal Clean-up

The end of a season is a good time to perform maintenance checks, inspect the exterior of your home, clear clutter and get organized. Some of these tasks you can do on your own while others require the help of a professional. Ignoring small problems can result in them becoming major repair projects. Properly storing outdoor furniture and lawn equipment can extend the life of these items.

Clearing Off the Deck

In many climates, colder temperatures signal the end of outdoor entertaining. To keep your furniture and grill safe from the elements, you should cover them well or store them in a garage or storage building. Once the deck is clear, you should look for pressure washing near me jacksonville fl and schedule a time for your deck to be professionally cleaned. Pressure washing can help prevent mold and mildew from damaging your deck. It will also make your deck look better thereby improving the overall exterior appearance of your home.

Inspecting Your Home

You can use seasonal changes as a reminder to inspect exterior portions of your home. The areas you inspect should include the roof, gutters, siding and foundation. If these areas require attention, you’ll probably need to contact a professional to perform the work.

General Exterior Maintenance

You might need to clear some clutter from the garage or storage building to make room to store lawn and garden equipment during the winter. When you clear clutter from an area, take time to organize the items you leave in that space. You’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to easily locate items you need instead of having to dig around for them. Window cleaning is another project you might want to put on a seasonal maintenance list.

It’s easy to forget to check the exterior features of your home. Using the seasons as a way to remember can be helpful. Packing away deck furniture and garden tools can save you from having to buy new furniture and tools when spring arrives. Being pro-active with home repairs can save you from expensive repairs.