How To Tell When Your Chimney Needs Cleaning or Repair

Chimney safety is an important part of home fire safety which means you should always be on the lookout for signs your chimney needs cleaning or repair. Leaving such issues too long can cost you more over time. If you spot any of these issues, look for chimney cleaning in MD as quickly as possible.

A Year or More Has Passed

A chimney should be cleaned at least every year to avoid buildup in the flue. If you think about when your last cleaning was and either do not remember or it has been more than a year, then it is time to schedule another cleaning.

Rust on the Firebox

Moisture should never be allowed to settle into your chimney. If you notice rust anywhere in your firebox or other metal areas, your chimney needs immediate attention. A cleaning or a leak repair should set things right.

Damage Near Your Chimney

Water or smoke stains on the walls around your chimney can also be a sign that something is not right. There could be blockage due to damage or a nesting animal. Chimneys require expert handling, so when you notice problems like these, look for professional chimney cleaning in MD.

Thick Black Smoke

When your chimney is venting smoke into your home, this is another indication that something needs to be addressed. Chimneys are designed to vent through the shaft and outside to prevent smoke in your home. You do not want smoke in your home because this can lead to trouble breathing and damage to your belongings.

When you properly take care of your chimney, you reduce your risk of fire in your home. If your last chimney cleaning was over a year ago or you notice certain signs of damage, have your chimney looked at by a professional.