How to Refresh Your Living Space in Time for the Holidays

Over the course of the year, you accumulate a bunch of stuff that can clutter your home, making it challenging to change your perspective and mood with the cheer that should come with impending holidays. So, how do you reinvigorate your attitude towards the holiday seasons?

This article covers the dos of refreshing your holiday cheer, while bringing a new sense of happiness and comfort to your home. Why? Because your home’s décor can have a significant, profound impact on your mood and attitude. Ergo, you should strive to design your home with décor that makes you flow with positive feelings.

DIY Décor That Makes You Happy, Cheerful, and Ready for the Holidays

As mentioned above, home décor and colors can change your mood for the better. Pick a design that you love to match the seasons—like silver and bright blue for Christmas and decorate your home with subtle accents in these colors.

As an example, you could use a wreath on your door, hang some baubles (like ornament from a doorway), and throw a comfy, colorful blanket over your couch to the room together. These small, cheerful accents are enough to bring a bit of holiday happiness to your home and mood.

Or, Go with a Season Instead of a Specific Holiday

Instead of a holiday like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, you could match your décor with the four seasons. Loving autumn? Decorate your home in reds, yellows, oranges, and golds. Invest in a wax warmer and candles that smell like your favorite seasonal scents, like pumpkin spice, smores, and falling leaves.

Need another example? Go green and yellow with springtime décor to represent the return of nature’s beauty. Be sure to adorn your table with a fresh vase of your favorite flowers for an extra oomph of springtime cheer.

Declutter with the Change of the Seasons in Prep for Holiday Décor

Every season holds a different holiday, or several—and most of these holidays come with new stuff, such as gifts from loved ones.

You can enhance your cheer and improve your mood with the changing seasons by decluttering your home in anticipation of the holidays that you celebrate. Or, better yet, keep your home well-organized and tidy year-round to avoid having to clean seasonal clutters.

Tip: For holiday or seasonal décor that you want to keep without cluttering your home, invest in assembled storage sheds to house all of your annual must-haves.