5 Aspects of the Perfect Rustic Design

Rustic design can add warmth and comfort to bedrooms, dens and living spaces. Achieving the effect can be overwhelming with all the home décor choices out there, but with a little guidance, you can transform the room of your choice into a fabulous, rustic retreat.

1. Wood Flooring

Wood floors are typical in rustic design because of their natural and outdoorsy appearance. Choosing the right tone and plank can make a huge difference on the overall look of your room. Live edging and rough texture can also add big impact to your hand scraped flooring.

2. Distressed Furniture

Furniture pieces that look well-loved fit right into rustic rooms. You can scour local antique shops in search of older tables, chairs and storage cabinets. Another option is to take newer pieces and use distressing techniques to make the piece appear older.

3. Earthy Area Rugs

Carpeting can instantly ground a space and make it feel warmer. An area rug allows you the chance to do that without completely covering your beautiful wood floor. Natural fibers or deep, earthy colors reflect that concept of bringing the outdoors in.

4. Warm Colors

Choose a paint color that adds coziness. A warm beige, rich terracotta or golden yellow can create the right amount of warmth that adds interest without standing out too much. Look through several swatches and paint some samples before making your final choice.

5. Ambient Lighting

Passing time in your rustic living space should feel comforting. Low wattage lightbulbs and dark lampshades tone down the brightness of a room’s light, creating an ambient glow. The right lighting choices can help to set the appropriate mood for relaxation.

With these tips in hand, you can be one step closer to achieving your rustic dream space. As you plan, have fun making choices and putting together a warm and comfortable design.