Tip Take Care Of The Lake Or Pond That Is In Your Yard

Lakes are a beautiful addition to any property and contribute to the overall beauty and appeal of the setting. Many people don’t realize that natural lakes still need to be maintained throughout the year to keep them beautiful and clean. If you have a lake or pond that is present in your yard, there are a few steps to take to care for the water.

Build a Fence

If cattle or other types of animals are present on the property, it’s important to build a fence to prevent them from having access to the water and leaving behind waste or droppings. Building a fence can protect the water and prevent them from having access to the area, which can ruin bank slopes.

Remove the Weeds

You’ll want to hire professionals to help you maintain weeds on the lake, which can get out of control over time and difficult to remove. Hire someone who can perform aquatic weed management, which consists of using specialized equipment that can control the weeds long-term. They can provide a treatment that is environmentally sound and doesn’t cause damage to the environment or animals that are present.

Create an Underwater Shelter

If you have fish in the lake, you’ll want to create an underwater shelter that allows them to breed and survive. The underwater shelter can consist of beds of wooden stakes, brush piles of evergreens, and old rubber tires. An aerator will also prove to be useful because it will oxygenate the water to ensure that the fish can continue to survive.

Control Algae

Algae is another common threat to lakes, making it necessary to prevent it from developing by making sure that the water is at least three feet deep. You can also introduce triploid grass carp, which will eat weeds that are submerged under the water. Lakes that are larger than one acre will need to have a drainpipe that is installed during the winter season to prevent any of the plants from freezing during the colder months of the year. Chemical control may need to be considered if the algae problem is chronic and other methods are not effective.

You can continue to enjoy the beautiful lake that is present on your property and allow it to remain clean and safe for many years to come. With the right steps taken, you can have peace of mind knowing that weeds, algae, and droppings from animals are not present.