Three Home Foundation Types

Foundation drills in basketball, for example, include dribbling, shooting, and solid defense. Without players skilled in these basic on-the-court moves, no basketball team could hope to string together even a resemblance of a successful season. In cosmetics, foundation is the most basic form of makeup. It makes blemishes disappear, evens out skin tone, and can even change the wearer’s natural skin tone. Without foundation, women around the world would be looking very rough on a daily basis.

With respect to homes, the foundation is the concrete footing on which the rest of the house sits. The foundation separates the “house” part of a house from sinking into the ground. Just like in basketball and cosmetics, homes with bad foundations are in bad shape. How bad? Full-fledged foundation repair costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, epoxy injection foundation repair is far cheaper for homeowners and can eliminate the need for all-out foundation fixing.

Say “No, No, No” To Big-Time Excavation Jobs

In order to fix severely out-of-place foundations, up to 10 feet of earth must be excavated around the entirety of a home’s footer. Repairmen section off parts of homes’ foundations and support them with heavy-duty jacks. From there, they repour the footer and tidy up any loose dirt from causing problems again. The epoxy injection method requires no excavation and takes far less time.

Cracks Are Truly Repaired, Not Just Patched-Up

Since a home’s foundation is so vital to its sturdiness, some homeowners believe they should take on excavation-style foundation repair to remedy their homes’ problems. However, epoxy injections mold together cracked foundation walls, effectively returning them to their original form. Doesn’t that sound so much better than excavating one’s home and potentially having to hold it up with a crane during repair?

Water Is Completely Out Of The Picture

Another thing epoxy is great at doing is sealing out water permanently. Water often causes foundation problems. Fixing a foundation with a material that’s impervious to water is as sensical as it gets.

Foundations that are cracked, wet, or leaking water are major issues. Don’t settle for fixing your home’s foundation for the price of a new home. Instead, seek out epoxy injection for your home’s foundation repair dupage county il.