Subtle Changes To Give Your Living Room An Instant Makeover

Some things, such as hiring regulatory affairs consultants in Toronto, are pretty straightforward. Giving your home a complete makeover; no so straightforward. You could have the ideas in mind, but the cost involved would be an impediment. So, how about decorating the house in bits?

  • Hello, Knob and Knock

The front door is the first thing that guests see when they come to your home, so naturally, it is a good place to start. How about painting the door with bold colors that speak of your character? Of course, you will need to keep up with the bold colors even inside the house.

Door knockers sound so last century, but then again old is gold. You can make your door stand out just by adding a knocker of your choice; could be a beautifully curved hand or the impression of an angle. Your imagination is allowed to wander. Also, change the knob while you are at it. A beautiful, easy-to-turn knob could make all the difference.

  • Patterned Switch Plates

You are going to switch the lights on every day, right? Then you may as well change the plate from the usual white to something fun. Take patterns, for example. They are unique, and they speak to your character. Make it as bold as you want because, hey, you are the boss!

  • Paint

Nothing alters the appearance of a room like a fresh coat of paint. These days, people are becoming bolder in their choices. You could layer white on the wall especially when you don’t have young ones to draw on the walls. You can also choose different colors for every wall in your living room to accommodate your creativity. Colorful walls make the room look bigger than it actually is.

  • Play With the Lighting

Changing lighting in your living room can make a huge difference without costing you too much. It could mean getting an overhead pendant to take the place of some overhead lights or even painting a table lamp. Investing in a dimmer could also make a huge difference in terms of lighting in the room.

  • Rugs and Curtains

Rugs never grow old when you think of changing your home. Investing in an oriental rug will not only add color and charm to your home, but it will also make the room brighter. Curtains are a part of every house, and they can change the natural lighting of the room hugely. Darker colors block light by limiting the amount that comes through while lighter ones allow in more of it. Naturally, lighting makes a room brighter and to appear larger.

  • Furniture

Okay, we admit that furniture will set you back a pretty penny, but it will also change your home significantly. Old is gold, and so you could get a vintage piece of furniture to give the living room that old-school vibe that never gets out of style. If a sofa is too costly a commitment, try a coffee table. So much cheaper but still packs a punch.