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Tips for Selecting and Sending Business Holiday Cards

Holidays are a good time to express gratitude, therefore it’s important for business to send holiday business cards in order to appreciate their clients for their loyalty. Here are some tips to help you choose and send the right business holiday cards.

When sending your business holiday card, be sensitive with your message as people have different religious beliefs and sense of humor. For instance, not everyone celebrates Christmas, therefore ensure that your business card sends the holiday greeting without denoting religion.

Use personalization on the cards to send the message to your clients and business associates. Personalized holiday cards are warm and more engaging and it will send a proper message about your company’s culture. One way to create that personal touch is to hand address the envelopes and your signature on each card. You can also use the company’s stamp on the card or put your logo. However, if you will be sending a lot of holiday greetings cards, consider hiring professional services to custom print your name.

Also, opt to write a personal message on each card as this shows additional effort on your part and it also shows that you care about your clients. Apart from the holiday greetings, you can thank them for a good relationship and this will even motivate them to continue being your clients. Quality is an important consideration, hence; only choose those business cards that are made of top-notch material. A quality card will reflect how much you care and value your clients business associates and staff. Do not select the least expensive card because you are more likely to get one with poor material.

It is advisable that you order for your business greeting cards early so you can have ample time to prepare and send them. If you wait until the last minute so that you can order them, you will feel rushed and your recipients may not get them at the appropriate time.

It is important for the business greeting cards to reach the right recipient, hence, ensure that you update and countercheck your mailing list. Make sure that you include any new contact information to your database and verify that there is no duplication to avoid wastage. This way, you will have the correct list and you will not be embarrassed about sending a card with the wrong name or address. Presentation is another key consideration when you are sending a holiday business card. Make some effort and be a little creative and one way to stand out is to include color and graphics to your envelopes so as to make it more noticeable. Address the business holiday cards using titles and be sure to write the names of the recipient using alphabets. This demonstrates effort that your recipients will notice and appreciate.

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