Keeping The Lawn Watered

If you live in a dry climate or you don’t want to wait for the rain to keep your lawn watered, then consider installing an irrigation system. A benefit of this kind of system is that it can be set on a timer so that it only comes on when needed or on certain days. You are in control of when the lawn is watered so that it doesn’t get too much moisture but so that it gets enough to keep it from drying out.

A professional irrigation St Louis company can offer suggestions for where the system should be placed and where the sprinklers should be positioned so that the most area of the yard is covered. This will prevent wasting water as well as electricity that is used by the system. An irrigation system is convenient compared to using a water hose and making sure the lawn is watered or taking time away from family activities to coat the lawn with water. You can adjust the schedule of when the sprinkler comes on if you have special events at your house, such as birthday parties.

If you examine the yard and ensure that the components of the system are placed properly, then each section of the yard will be watered. There won’t be brown spots here and there that could result if there are trees blocking rainfall or if you don’t get all of the lawn watered with a hose. If you need to go out of town or won’t be home for an extended period of time, you can set the irrigation system on auto-pilot so that it will come on at least once during the day to keep the lawn watered. You won’t have to hire anyone to come to your home to care for your lawn, which will save money that can be spent on other items for the family and the home.