How to Soften the Atmosphere of a Room

Regardless of what décor style you prefer, the ultimate decorating goal is usually to create a cozy, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This is especially true in bedrooms and living areas. There are some simple décor features you can include in any room to soften the atmosphere.


As a general rule, most rooms need task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting. Your choice of accent lighting plays a key role in creating a certain type of atmosphere in a room. Wall sconces, recessed lighting, floor lamps and table lamps help set the mood in a room. Lamp base designs as well as the shape and color of lamp shade are also details to consider. Dimmers are a great way to soften the atmosphere in a room.


Rugs add physical warmth and visual coziness to a room. Area rugs in Orlando FL have various color patterns, textures and shapes that can soften a room’s décor and atmosphere. Rugs can be layered to increase their visual intrigue. Neutral colors and soothing, simplistic designs bring a sense of calmness to a room. Rugs can be used to unify an open floor plan or to define or draw attention to specific areas of a room.

Circular Shapes

Including circular-shaped items in a room adds visual softness. A round dining table or coffee table helps soften a room’s appearance. Circular rugs have the smooth lines that are conducive to visual softness. Choosing round or oval mirrors and picture frames will add tranquility to a room. Selecting lamp bases and decorative accessories that feature curves and swirls also encourage serenity. Round footstools and round accent pillows can help you create a soft, cozy atmosphere in a room.

In addition to the previously mention aspects of a room décor, the wall color and flooring can also impact the atmosphere of a room. Achieving a cozy, warm or soothing atmosphere in a room generally requires you to coordinate your decorative items and design features to create cohesiveness and tranquility.