Commercial HVAC System Maintenance Saves Money While Improving Air Quality

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line and, at the same time, keep employees and clients happy. While there are quite a few strategies commonly used to accomplish those goals, one is often ignored. No one wants to work or shop in an environment that’s uncomfortable. HVAC systems are necessary for keeping a building warm during colder months or pleasantly cool during hot weather. Maintenance and repairs to any HVAC system can quickly reduce utility bills and keep anyone in the building more comfortable.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

HVAC experts always recommend building systems be serviced on a regular schedule to ensure those systems function properly. Because every system tends to be somewhat unique, technicians should be contacted to determine just how often services should be required. Generally, organizations should expect to take care of maintenance needs at least a couple of times per year. Service personnel will work closely with businesses to determine what service intervals should be expected.

Air Quality Is Taking on New Importance

Conservation efforts over the past few years emphasize the importance of sealing buildings to avoid too much air leakage. However, sealing buildings has lead to a new threat – indoor pollution. Environmental experts now report that indoor air quality is, at best, poor in many buildings. A commercial HVAC contractor will work with clients to identify issues that compromise air quality and explore options that make it possible for employees or customers to breathe easier. In some cases, that might be something as simple as regular duct cleaning.

Updating Can Also Save Money

Even though an older system is still functional, leaving it in place may not be the best option available. The newest HVAC systems are, as a rule, significantly more energy efficient than older equipment. While there is certainly an initial expense that must be considered, reduced energy bills will, in many cases, quickly provide a dramatic ROI in a short period of time.

If your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced recently, now would be a great time to contact a professional to schedule regular maintenance. In the event an updated system should be considered, the commercial heating and cooling professionals will recommend solutions that improve air quality and reduce utility expenses.