Three Ways to Protect Your Garage From Excess Moisture

Your garage can house some of your most valuable possessions. Whether you park your car there daily, or use it to store photos and heirlooms long-term, it’s essential that your belongings are kept safe and in good condition. However, most garages are not as well insulated from the elements and may be at risk for moisture buildup, which could result in mold growth or damage to your items. Here are three ways you can help protect your garage from becoming too damp.

Install an Epoxy Floor Coating

Coating your floor with floorguard products can help protect your garage by sealing the moisture out of the concrete. Because of its porous nature, concrete can absorb and hold water, whether it’s from spills, leaks or extra humidity in the air. An epoxy covering allows you to wipe up the moisture rather than letting it settle into the floor. In addition to keeping … Read the rest

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5 Aspects of the Perfect Rustic Design

Rustic design can add warmth and comfort to bedrooms, dens and living spaces. Achieving the effect can be overwhelming with all the home décor choices out there, but with a little guidance, you can transform the room of your choice into a fabulous, rustic retreat.

1. Wood Flooring

Wood floors are typical in rustic design because of their natural and outdoorsy appearance. Choosing the right tone and plank can make a huge difference on the overall look of your room. Live edging and rough texture can also add big impact to your hand scraped flooring.

2. Distressed Furniture

Furniture pieces that look well-loved fit right into rustic rooms. You can scour local antique shops in search of older tables, chairs and storage cabinets. Another option is to take newer pieces and use distressing techniques to make the piece appear older.

3. Earthy Area Rugs

Carpeting can instantly ground a … Read the rest

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3 Reasons to conduct a fire hydrant flow test

Fire departments utilize a few ways to put out fires. One is through pump trucks that carry up to 750 gallons of water at a time. Another is through foam trucks that feed oxygen-killing foam into a fire to extinguish flames.

The Tried and True Fire Hydrant

However, the most used tool is the tried-and-true fire hydrant. Invented in the 19th century, not much has changed. Water is pumped from lines underneath the hydrant into a hose. Then, it’s delivered through a high-pressure nozzle for targeted fire-fighting.

Constant Hydrant Testing

This doesn’t work if a fire hydrant flow test isn’t conducted on a regular basis. Performed with a team comprised of water utility and fire department representatives, these tests determine if a hydrant is fully operational or requires service.

In order to understand a bit more, here are three reasons to conduct a fire hydrant flow test.

Determine the Proper

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Excelsior Electrical – Top 5 coolest home cinema ideas

Whilst in the past the attic and basement spaces of the home have been reserved for extra storage space, in recent years people have began to maximise these large unused spaces and create interesting and vibrant spaces. These rooms have been the perfect space for chill out rooms, home bar spaces and even children’s playrooms but undoubtedly one of the most popular uses of the space has become the creation of a home cinema. Whether you are looking for something simple and comfortable or lavish and high tech there are no limits to what you can create in your space. To help you find some inspiration for your own home cinema Excelsior Electrical have made a list of the top 5 coolest home cinema ideas.

50-cent’s $8m mansion’s home cinema room

  1. The Cinema

Whilst it may seem like the most obvious idea, one of the best themes for a home … Read the rest

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Did Extreme Winter Weather Damage Your Home? Here’s How to Fix It

There are many types of extreme winter weather that can damage your homes, such as freezing rain, snow, sleet, and hail. In recent years, extreme winter has gotten worse than ever, and enormous snowstorms, windstorms, and ice storms have hit every part of the country. You may not want to think about the damage that winter weather has caused to your home, but if you want to be a responsible homeowner, it’s essential that you take care of the problem before it gets bigger. Take these simple steps now to get your home back in shape before the spring rains and summer heat begins.

First, check all of your major systems and make sure that everything is in working order. Check the filters in your air system and check your fireplace if you have one. If you need something repaired, don’t wait to get it done. Instead, look for local … Read the rest

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