The dishwasher

The dishwasher

A dishwasher is an essential kitchen accessory. Using a dishwasher can be tricky.

Here a universal program for 55, 60 or 65 degrees of dishwasher is explained.

A dishwasher usually has four programs. In brief the operation has been discussed:

The pre-rinse

By the turning on of the spray arms, water washes the meals and eliminates the leftovers. This water is discharged through the filter and drain pump.

The primary wash (or cleaning program)

It occupies a specific amount of water. After or during the process heating is contributed to the detergent and water is sprayed on the dishes by the turning spray arms. This water is collected in a filter/ receptacle and by another line is supplied once again to the spray arms. This is repeated during the time running the cleaning program.


After the wash cycle, first the water with cleaning agent is discharged by the drain pump. Now is taken warmed water. After heating, including a brightener with water the dishes washed. This water is pumped through the filter by the drain pump.

The drying

The space in the machine is warmed so that the leftovers of the meals cannot dry, typically the machine takes a layer of cold water in order to condense the water vapor in the maker, and the most latest invented devices assist in accelerating this process by allowing a fan in the dishwasher.

Extremely important is that the filters are cleaned routinely (1x monthly). A dirty filter specifically triggers problems in the main wash/ cleaning program. The spray arms are too slow and the water is not strongly sprayed on the dishes. When eliminating the filter that falls no particles into the hopper, be careful. This debris can easily enter into the spray arms and hence reduce the effect. Get rid of the spray arms and rinse the dirt manually than necessary. Likewise, inspect the nozzles on dirt.

Another vital point is refilling salt.

Spilled salt which continues to be in the machine can trigger serious damage. The regeneration affects the stainless steel bottom and may trigger cavities.  It may result in water leak and increased the danger of short circuits.


After filling the regeneration, use the dishwasher instantly or turn prewash program.


A dishwasher is a machine. Before putting the dishes in the machine, first eliminate the food scraps. This can be done by rinsing it under the tap or just with cooking area paper.


By wiping the unclean meals with paper towels conserve water and this benefits the environment.


Always locate plates, bowls and pots according to the instructions provided.


Your dishwashing machine routinely is washed at 70 ° C or 75 ° C for a clean outcome.

How much detergent?

If you follow the above tips, normally one teaspoon of detergent is enough.

Tips for purchasing a BBQ

Tips for purchasing a BBQ

During the summer days, barbecue is among the favorite ways of preparing food for many individuals. Over the last few years, more and more types of barbecues have been added. You can now pick from an electric, charcoal and gas barbecue. If you wish to draw out more you can even choose an outside kitchen area. To assist you in purchasing a barbecue a comparison and highlights of the distinctions among the barbecues have been provided:

Tabletop barbecue /BBQ gas

As the name of the gas grill suggests, it deals with gas. The terrific benefit of a gas barbecue with respect to a charcoal barbecue BBQ is that the temperature is raised quicker in comparison with the charcoal variant. In addition, it takes less effort to start it. A push of a button is enough to fire up.

A drawback compared to a charcoal BBQ is that the taste is less. You’ll never ever get with a gas BBQ flavor that you will have in the barbecue with charcoal. However, the danger of charred flesh is a lot smaller with a gas home appliance.

Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal BBQ is still the most popular barbecue amongst consumers. The huge benefit of this kind of barbecue is that the taste of the fire truly takes a seat to consume. As a result, there is a more intense flavor as compared to the other kinds of preparation. A true enthusiast will constantly choose a charcoal system. The drawback of such a gadget is that the temperature is not constant.

In addition, individuals typically have a problem firing it up. A tool for lighting the coal makes it harder to crack the BBQ fast in a basic way. A charcoal alternative certainly does not have to be costly but every time you want quality then you should select one of Weber grills.

Electrical barbecue

The least popular barbecue is the electrical barbecue. This gadget runs on electrical power. This is likewise instantly a major disadvantage, because the gadget utilizes a lot of power, making it a relatively pricey way of grilling. The benefit is that the temperature is constant and after the barbecue is shut off, the gadget is cooled quickly. Nevertheless, the taste of the food prepared will not have the taste of a genuine barbecue and therefore cannot compete with a charcoal variation.

A complete BBQ outside cooking area

BBQ outside cooking area is the newest type of barbecue. An outdoor kitchen works on gas and this can be compared to a gas barbecue. However, an outdoor cooking area is many times more extensive. Apart from the grill, an outside kitchen often has a range (for the sauce) and a griddle.

An outdoor kitchen area is especially ideal when large group of people is gatheres. The disadvantage is that such a gadget uses up a lot of space and in addition, it takes excessive time to keep it clean.

The height of barbecue

Whether you wish to buy a gas, electric or charcoal grill, the height of the unit is always crucial. So you have the low variations that go more than 30 centimeters high. The advantage is that low designs are typically low-cost barbecues; likewise, it makes them easier to store. A big drawback is that you will need to prepare the food on your sides.

However, if you wish to barbecue in a room, is suggested to choose a standing design. These are available from 47 centimeters height. For older people, it is, therefore, advisable to choose a BBQ at least 47 centimeters high.

Healthy barbecue

Healthy barbecue is not only attained by the food you cooked on the barbecue. The various kinds of barbecues all have different results on health. As specified, the danger of charred flesh is considerably smaller in electrical and gas barbecues. There will likewise be a charcoal barbecue smoke and particulate substances, which can offer people with breathing issues more inconvenience? For individuals with such complaints, an electric or gas barbecue is suggested. These fines and fumes are released likewise go down to the food.

Moreover, it is the food that stems from a gas and electrical barbecue has relatively less fat as compared with a charcoal barbecue. In general, it can be stated that a gas and electrical barbecue are better for the health.

Environment and BBQ

As it is known that during grilling fuels and coal are used. Both have an impact on the environment. The cleanest method of grilling is the electric grill. Just in the production of electricity, there will be air-polluting substances. With charcoal and gas grill in production, CO2 and air toxin will be produced. As a result, electric barbecue the most eco-friendly way to delight in a summer barbecue.