Can My Leaking Roof Be Salvaged?

No one wants to think of taking on the cost of a new roof, but allowing a leak to take over can cause a ton of internal damage to your home. It is possible to fix a leaking roof without spending a fortune. Below are a few of the more simple fixes that can save your roof from total replacement.

Recent Damage

There are times that sudden roof leaks can be traced back to recent damage from storms, falling tree limbs, and other assorted debris hitting the surface. Make a visual inspection of the roof and see if there are any areas that have objects that have not been there before. Call a professional to have this removed and the area repaired. Let them know where the leak is and they can determine if this is the exact cause.

Missing Roofing Shingles

High winds and age can cause roof shingles to crack, separate, and blow off. This is a problem that can happen at any time of the year and any season. Missing shingles will be easy to spot. You might even find the remnants of shingles somewhere in the yard. Leaks can be stopped by replacing missing shingles and getting this exposed area covered.

Age of the Roof

Unfortunately, not every roof leak can be easily fixed. If the roof is really old and rough there may be no choice but to have it replaced. The best materials on the market will still fail after a given amount of time. There are roof products made these days that are more affordable than ever before.

Recent Repairs

If you have had your roof worked on lately and suddenly develop a leak, there may be a problem with the fix. It can be something as simple as a nail in the wrong place. Call an experienced roof expert out to see if this might be a problem. Most will be happy to correct the problem for an affordable price.

Missing or Defective Flashing

Metal flashing is installed where two sections of roof join and also keeps moisture from invading through the chimney access. When damaged, loose or it goes missing it allows a free-flow of water into your home. This is a problem that can be easily corrected.

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