A Positive Gain from the Negative Ions You Generate in Your Remodeled Space

Transforming your home using paint, pillows and rugs can bring about an appreciable transformation, but salt can have an effect you have to breathe to believe.  That’s the idea behind the salt crystal lamp rage, and most experts agree, the benefits are up in the air.  That’s because of the way the salt in the lamp interacts with the room’s environment.  Many people know about the benefits of negative ions in their atmosphere and have used air filters for years to achieve healthier air.  Now scientists have found that salt crystal lamps can produce beneficial negative ions that create the type of oxygen-rich environment one breathes when near the ocean or in a forest of dense trees.  And you don’t have to go any further than your smart phone to get the benefits of a salt crystal lamp, because you can use a convenient Groupon to shop Vitacost and have one shipped right to your door.

Negative ions are “hygroscopic” oxygen atoms created in nature by the play of water, air, sunlight and radiation from the Earth.  They are most prevalent in natural places and you get a sensation of them as the clean taste in the air after it rains, or when you’re near moving water like the ocean.  They can trap contaminants in the air and cause them to fall, keeping them out of the air you breathe.  Now you can bring that fresh, clean feeling into your home using the effects of a crystal salt lamp.  In high concentrations, negative ions get rid of mold spores, pollen, pet dander and other allergens by making them too heavy to stay airborne.  So how did something as awesome as a chunk of salt that formed millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains become a negative ion producing hero?  They don’t produce the negative ions by themselves, by using a heat source, in this case the light bulb, they cause evaporation of the moisture they wick from the air which in turn produces enough beneficial negative ions to saturate the air in your home, causing pollutants to fall out of the air your family and pets breathe.

Remodeling your home to look better should include upgrading your environment to make you feel better.  Vitacost has a full line of products to help you feel your best on the inside and out.  And you can find all the organic and green cleaning products to keep your homes environment healthy and clean.  So on your next upgrade, don’t neglect the most important change of all – healthier air quality which you can easily achieve with negative ions produced by a crystal salt lamp from Vitacost.