3 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Eco-Friendly

With the weather heating up (or getting colder) we’re pushing now more than ever to make sustainable choices and reduce waste in our everyday life. We’re recycling in the kitchen, composting in the backyard, and choosing appliances with five-star energy ratings. However, are there simple changes you can make to your bedroom, so it’s more eco-friendly and sustainable? There sure are.

  1. Consider Cotton

Next time you’re considering purchasing new sheets, or a quilt cover set, consider choosing linen that’s made from 100% cotton. Not only is the fabric natural and breathable (helping you regulate your temperature and sleep better) it’s also a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material. An environmentally-friendly fibre throughout its lifecycle, 100% cotton sheets make an excellent choice for the environment.  Choosing cotton also means you’re ignoring synthetic materials made from chemical fibres – most of which are petroleum-based meaning they’re made from non-renewable resources. This 100% Cotton Quilt from Manchester Madness  is a great option for a quilt cover, for example.

  1. Choose LED Lights

Most of us don’t think too much about the type of globe we install in our light fixtures but we definitely should. LED lights, although more expensive than your typical halogen light or incandescent bulb, over time work out to be the cheaper option. They are more energy efficient for your home. Check out this great blog which explains how LED lights use 25%-35% the energy of a halogen light. Additionally, most LED bulbs are recyclable. So, next time the lights go out in your bedroom consider purchasing some LED globes when browsing in store. LED lights are no longer the harsh blue-white light of the past, now warmer whites are available. These Fancy Round LED lights from Azoogi showcase the warmth LED lights can now bring.

  1. Add a Plant to Your Room

Sometimes sustainability isn’t just about using the most energy efficient products and recycling, it’s a mindset, a way of looking at life. Adding plants to your room, means you’re removing carbon from the air, and some plants even have air purifying properties. Not only that, seeing the greenery in your room everyday will inspire you to do better for mother nature and get you in touch with the outside world again. Beyond pot plants and cacti, if you really want to take your green thumb one level up, consider installing a raised garden bed in your room. These days, you can have ‘balcony beds’ or even raised garden beds for indoors. Having a veggie garden close by gives you a cool project to work on, keeps you in touch with the earth and means you rely less on store-bought veggies. Triple win.

These are just some easy ways to create an environmentally-friendly bedroom. What tips and tricks do you use to create an eco-friendly environment. Comment below and let us know!